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Create and Join Rooms

You have the option to either create your own private room or join an existing one. Onland is accessible through a web browser, making it compatible with various devices, including desktops, mobile devices, and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

How to create a private room

To create a private room, you need to go to our dashboard. You can see our dedicated section on how to create meetings.

How to Join an Existing Onland Room

If you want to participate in an already established Onland room, you have two options for joining:

  • Use an URL: Navigate to the specific URL of the room in your web browser, if the room is public, you will be able to see it in the landing page.
  • Use a Numeric Code: Enter the numeric code associated with the existing room.
  • Join public rooms: Join public rooms by clicking on "Enter Verse" on the existing rooms in the Onland landing that offers a selection of artworks created by visual artists using the internet as a creative medium.

Room and Communication

Upon entering an Onland room, you'll find yourself in the room's lobby, where you can observe and listen to ongoing activities. However, interaction with others is limited to text chat.

Entering a Room on Different Devices

The process of entering a room can vary slightly based on the device you are using:

On Desktop / Mobile

For desktop and mobile users, click "Join Metaverse" to select a username/avatar and set up your microphone and audio settings.

On a Standalone VR Headset

If you opened the URL on your desktop or smartphone, choose "Enter on Standalone VR" to create a code that makes it easy to open on your standalone headset (e.g., Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear).

On a Wired-in VR Headset

To use a desktop VR device with your headset, the Oculus app (Oculus Rift) or SteamVR (Windows Mixed Reality, Vive) must also be open.

On your computer, click "Enter Room" and follow the prompts to select a username/avatar and set up your mic. On the final prompt before entering you should see an option to select "Connected VR Headset".

For troubleshooting information visit Onland troubleshooting page.

Supported Devices & Browsers

Since Onland runs in the browser, it works across many different platforms.

For 2D Experience

Onland works on most modern desktop browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux. It also works on most mobile browsers for Android, and Safari on iOS.

Currently, Onland is supported on the following browsers:

WindowsFirefox, Chrome, Edge (version 79+)
Mac OSFirefox, Chrome, Safari
AndroidFirefox, Chrome
iOSSafari, Chrome
Standalone VRFirefox Reality

For VR Experience

For Desktop VR (Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, or Vive) Onland works when used with a WebVR compatible browser (e.g., Firefox). Users must also have either the Oculus app (Oculus Rift), or SteamVR installed (Windows Mixed Reality, Vive).

For Standalone VR devices (Pico Neo 2, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go) Onland works in the Onland Firefox Reality Browser or the Oculus Browser.

Mobile phone powered VR systems, such as Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard, work using Google Chrome browser.

Note that some features may be limited on low-powered devices such as mobile phones.