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Building Scenes with Creator

Want to build custom VR worlds for Onland? Meet Creator! πŸ‘‹

With Creator, you have the opportunity to craft personalized Virtual Reality (VR) worlds for Onland environments. This powerful tool enables you to construct captivating spaces using an array of elements, including 3D models, architecture kit pieces, lights, images, videos, and more. Whether you envision a sophisticated boardroom or a cosmic adventure, Creator puts the creative reins in your hands.

Design 3D Environments​

One of the outstanding features of Creator is its accessibility. You don't need any external software or prior 3D modeling experience to begin your journey. The web-based editor empowers you to design intricate 3D scenes that cater entirely to your preferences and requirements.

Integration of Media for Enhanced Creativity​

Exploration is made easy through media integrations from Sketchfab and you private Media allowing you to effortlessly incorporate images, videos, and 3D models from the web, all within the confines of the editor. This user-friendly approach ensures that you can swiftly assemble your dream scene without the hassle of juggling multiple tabs.

Explore images, videos, and 3D models from around the web, all without opening up a new tab. With media integrations from Sketchfab and Google Poly, you'll be on your way to creating a scene in no time.

Publish Your 3D World​

Once your scene is complete, you have the option of publishing your room to Onland with a few simple clicks. You can share your room and engage with your unique VR world - all directly from their web browsers.

Screenshot of Creator

Getting started​

To build your first custom 3D environments check out Creator's interactive tutorial or take a look at the Creator documentation.

Unlock your imagination and bring your VR visions to life with Creator. Your world awaits! 🌌🎨